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Nightlight Mechanisim


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Replacement mechanism for your Veille sur toi nightlight :)

Please note that when you purchase a Nightlight, it automatically comes with a regular and a reverse mechanism. You don't need to buy an additional mechanism.

When you buy this product, you will receive a small white mechanism according to the following choice that you will have made:
- Standard American 120 volt plugs (Canada, United States) at the place
- Standard American 120 volt plugs (Canada, United States) reversed
- European 220 volt plugs (France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Finland and many others). This is the plug with two small circles. Check the country's plugs first as some European countries have different plugs.
- Australian 240 volt plugs. This is the plug with the diagonal lines.

Veille sur toi is now offering you the chance to purchase our LED bulbs for only 5,00$. Made specifically to our preferences, our LED bulbs are warm and soft, like an incandescent, but with all the advantages of LED bulbs: much longer life, not hot to the touch, lower energy costs, almost no heat release.

This product is sold individually to accommodate customers who have a Nightlight on you.

This product is not available in very large quantities. We reserve the right to cancel any transactions that contain large quantities of mechanisms, we are not a supplier for this product.

Thank you for choosing Veille sur toi!

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