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Team Veille sur toi

We are a team passionate about children's universe and we cherish offering you magnificent quality products.

Karine Foisy

President and CEO, Veille sur toi

Vision, authenticity and confident to her dreams.

Simon Boulanger

V-P and Admiral

Fine strategist and tinkerer

Kim Aubin

Expedition Chief

Your parcels don't have any secret for Kim! She is our delivery expert. Colored and tattooed, she was Veille sur toi's first employee.

Marie-Claude Côté


She knows numbers! A woman with a big heart, she is our accounting specialist!

Laurence Boucher

Head of Embroidery and Couture

It takes fairy fingers to make our comforters! Laurence is our passionate one putting her heart into everything she does.

Émilie Langlois

Chief of atelier

Émilie s essential to the team, she touches everything! Our nightlight specialist, she is meticulous and talented. She is also a simply brilliant girl!

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