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The general store makes life easier for parents when it comes to promoting good behavior for children.

With each good move, they accumulate small blocks which they can exchange for rewards which we will have placed in the box of the General Store. The more blocks accumulated, the greater the reward.

In addition to encouraging and showing good behavior, this tool allows children to develop their mathematical reasoning.

Disciplining children has never been more fun and effective than with this game from the General Store.

- Develops the child's motivation to adopt good behaviors
- Empower children and gradually lead them to independence
- Contributes greatly to the development of the child's self-esteem
- Help in the development of mathematical reasoning
- Allows for a more harmonious family life
- Facilitates parent consensus


- 1 folding box "general store"
- 2 savings book to count his tokens
- 15 privilege coupons to reward children
- 2 savings books
- 2 debit cards
- 4 discount coupons
- 35 wooden chips in a nice reusable bag
- 1 sheet of repositionable stickers for tokens
- 1 sheet of repositionable stickers, coupons, name tags and number of tokens
- 1 repositionable transparent sticker sheet to decorate the box

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