Animal - Female Cheetah


Cheetahs are the fastest land animals in the world. With their slender bodies and long powerful legs, they can accelerate up to 120 km / h in a matter of seconds.

Cheetahs are excellent hunters. First they approach their prey very carefully until they're just a few meters away, and then when the time is right they run at breakneck speed. If the fleeing prey suddenly changes direction, the cheetah can simply turn its body halfway. Its flexible spine makes this possible. But if they haven't succeeded after a few hundred metres, they must give up. The high speed consumes so much energy, they can only maintain it for a short distance.

Fun fact
Cheetahs are perfectly adapted to the savannah. They only need to drink water every three to four days.

Dimensions: 3.8 x 1.5 x 2.4 inch (W x D x H)

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