Animal - Female Asian Elephant

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Elephants have extremely flexible and strong trunks with 150,000 muscle fascicles. African elephants have two "gripping fingers" at the end of the trunk, while Asian elephants have only one.

An elephant's trunk is as versatile as a Swiss Army knife. The elephant can not only feel very good with it, it uses it to suck up water, to stabilize itself, to lift trees up high or to spray itself with fresh mud. The elephant eats by wrapping its trunk around the leaves and herbs, pulling them from the tree. An adult animal devours up to 150 kg of green foliage per day. Elephants can even utter human-like words with their trunks. To do this, they put their trunk in their mouth and place it on their tongue.

Fun fact
Elephants can lift objects weighing up to 300 kg with their trunks.

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