Animal - Baby Tiger


The Siberian tiger is the largest predatory feline in the world. From its truffle to the tip of its tail, it can measure up to 3 meters long.

Tiger stripes are as different and unique as fingerprints. Even the skin underneath bears scratches. At first glance, this extravagant pattern does not seem to be able to be advantageous. Indeed, the tiger does not want to be discovered immediately by its prey. But when the tiger goes hunting at dawn or at dusk, its stripes camouflage it perfectly. They take on the appearance of tall grass or short-lived shade. Unlike many other "cats" and felines, the tiger likes to bathe and is a good swimmer. Thus, for many prey, water is not a safe haven.

Baby tigers are born with blue eyes.

- Dimensions: 7 x 2 x 4 cm (L x W x H)
- Age Recommendation 3-12 years

The company founded in 1935 is today one of the leading toy manufacturers in Germany and an international leader among suppliers of play figures. Schleich products are currently sold in more than 50 countries and have conquered children as well as their parents around the world.

Schleich Toys stimulates creativity and imagination from an early age, is one of the most precious gifts a child can give. And the good thing is that with the right game concepts, creativity as well as the child's imagination can develop almost by itself.

Designed in Germany
Made in China

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