Moulin Roty

Torchlight Story Discs - The ‘Moustaches’


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Moulin Roty is the story of a merry band of friends, gathered around a common project combining work and community life. Equipped with a great dose of enthusiasm and resourcefulness, they settled in 1972 in the flour mill of a hamlet called "Moulin Roty", near Nantes, and started to craft furniture, lamps and jewelry.

You already own a Moulin Roty flashlight but you want another story to add to your collection so here is the story, Les moustaches:

Alphonse, Fernand and Lulu are three cheerful moustaches, elegant looking, a bit dandy.
They share a taste for beautiful instruments and cosy places. Together, they play music at nightfall, on the rooftops, under the amused eye of Monsieur Hibou, their faithful companion.

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