Balance Disk


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Develop your physical strength and test your agility with the Kinderfeets Balance Disc! Made from non-timber bamboo for the board and recycled plastic bottles and sawdust bioplastic for the base, the disc is the perfect durable tool for developing body stability, trunk strength, good posture and mind-muscle connection. An adhesion layer on the top surface provides traction and prevents slippage.

Children can test their balance and coordination while developing important muscle groups and improving their ability to concentrate. Parents can practice balance with good posture while working at a standing desk, or a teenage brother can try balancing squats to develop core and lower body strength.

- Made of bamboo
- 15.75" diameter. 300 lbs. max. No assembly required.
- Suitable for children 3 years and older - the disc is fun for the whole family!

Inspired by traditional Dutch bikes, Kinderfeets is a play on the Dutch word "kinderfiets" which translates as "children's bike". Kinderfeets is a small training bike with a low frame and no pedals that allows children's feet to touch the ground - it's the best way to prepare them to learn how to ride a normal sized bike. There are now several children's bikes in the collection, all with unique features to help them learn balance and become familiar with pedals and riding. The award-winning quality models are environmentally friendly and feature a whimsical, patented design.

Made and designed in Holland

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