Atelier Saint-Cerf

Wooden vegetable and fruit cutter


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Invented and developed in the small workshop of Atelier Saint-Cerf in 2013, this vegetable and fruit cutter for children is unique in the world!

∴ Does not cut the skin;
∴ Entirely made in Quebec;
∴ Made from recycled and/or locally sourced maple;
∴ Ecological finish and certified for food use;
∴ Easy maintenance;
∴ Develops fine motor skills and independence!

This fruit and vegetable cutter for kids can cut most fruits and vegetables, breadcrumbs, pie dough, cheese* and even....Play dough! This practical tool allows children to safely participate in meal preparation, develop fine motor skills and independence...while giving mom or dad a break from meal preparation!

3 years old and over or from one year old with the help of an adult. Includes a bilingual package with care instructions and instructions for use.

This item is handmade and may be slightly different from the one shown in the pictures: you get a unique piece!

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