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LED Bulb - 0.3 watt

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Veille sur toi is proud to offer you the possibility of adding an LED bulb to your night light!

After several months of research, we had these bulbs custom made so that the light is perfect! Warm and soft, like an incandescent, but with all the advantages of LED bulbs: much longer life, not hot to the touch, lower energy costs, almost no heat generated.

This LED bulb is 0.3 watts, which is equivalent to about 5 watts incandescent.

Note that the light emitted is very similar to the one currently emitted by our 5 watt incandescent bulbs. The glow is sufficient to lighten the room slightly. As an example, you could read to a child beside the glow.

The LED bulbs are now on the online store and within a few hours, all our nightlights on the site will have the option "LED bulb" that you can choose for only $5.00 more. As an indication, the price of LED bulbs in hardware store varies around 8.00$ - 9.00$.

Your nightlight will be just as charming and caring as before, while being more ecological and durable!

Warning, the bulbs are adapted for 110v North American plugs, they cannot be plugged in 220v-240v European plugs.

This product is not available in very large quantities. We reserve the right to cancel any transactions that contain large quantities of mechanisms, we are not a supplier for this product.

Thank you for choosing Watch over you!

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