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This doll is suitable for babies (and adults).

Little ones love it, grown-ups don't hide from it - she's at every party, listens to all your secrets, and even laughs at unfunny jokes. This is today's rag doll (she's the star at raplapla), a soft doll, with bewitching colours and moving textures.


- Offering a rag doll is a rather unusual gesture. It is giving the child a companion, a mini reflection of himself, which will accompany him everywhere, sometimes for a long time. The doll is a transitional object that can take a very important place in the life of some small humans! Moreover, this one is a little bit out of step... Like you? At least, like me.

- She leaves no one indifferent.

- Her eyes aren't glued together. A rod and a rivet on the back fix them firmly.

- By styling this doll properly you can make a baby laugh out loud (instructions are here).

- Even though her long hair meets Health Canada's guidelines for baby toys, you may not appreciate your child putting it in her mouth. It's up to you.

- We know people between the ages of 0.1 and 87 who own dolls (your 3-year-old niece may not be too tall to have her own. It all depends on her taste).

- If you try to put your doll in the dryer, there is a good chance that her hair will look like either the scratch of a sponge or an old fantex slipper. We don't recommend it.

- No, her eyes aren't stuck together.


Machine wash in cold water, or hand wash.

Air dry (Please! No dryer!).


Thirty-two inches. Cotton and polyester, padded with polyester fibres.

Plastic eyes fixed with a rivet (meets the requirements of EC regulations as well as Health Canada guidelines for toys intended for children under 36 months).

This doll is packed in a very pretty home box designed by Mimi Traillette (printed in Quebec), and comes with her personal health booklet.

Fabrics and colors may vary slightly. In all cases, the spirit of the character has been preserved!

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