Blue Pleuviotte Open Eyes

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It flies! She swims!

It swirls, it freezes, it melts, it foams, it boils, it evaporates, it multiplies infinitely or merges in an instant, it extinguishes fires (and sometimes flows from my eyes). Stronger than all the superheroes put together, it's a drop of water.

PS: Beneath its "I'm indestructible and super strong" exterior, the raincoat is a fragile and precious little being, even rare or cruelly absent from some corners of the globe. It deserves all our attention. Let's preserve it!

- Size: 23 cm.
- Materials: Cotton and viscose, filled with polyester fiber. Embroidered face.
- This drop comes with his personal health record.
- Fabrics and colours may vary slightly. In any case, the spirit of the character has been preserved!

Made and designed in Quebec

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