Baby chimpanzee puppet


This adorable Folkmanis BABY CHIMPANZEE is a comfortable puppet that can be a child's best friend. With a moving mouth and a soft expression, it is fun for playtime, naptime or to take on the road as a traveling companion.

The puppet is 5 inches long, 8 inches wide, 15 inches high.

DO NOT PUT IN THE WASHER OR DRYER. It will destroy your puppet. Our plush puppets are surface washable only. Do not immerse the puppet in water. To clean stains, use warm water and a sponge with Woolite® or another mild liquid detergent to wet and lather the fur. Rinse the surface with a sponge. Be careful not to bend or twist the puppet or you may end up with a lumpy stuffing. Dry by gently squeezing between the towels or hanging the clothesline to dry by draining. Once dry, shake it off. For short-haired stuffed animals, use a brush to move the fur. When brushing your face, be careful not to scratch your eyes or pull the threads through your ears, nose or mouth.

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