Angélie-la-lune (FRENCH)


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For Angelie, concentrating is not an easy task. Sometimes her imagination does her a favor, sometimes it puts her in very uncomfortable situations. Every day can turn into a roller coaster of emotions.

Join Angélie, who is learning to use her strengths and overcome her weaknesses, in a story designed to value all types of intelligence.


  • Target audience: 3 to 9 years old
  • Format: 8 '' x 11 '' hard cover
  • Number of pages: 44 color pages
  • This book contains 9 animations visible thanks to the application Alaska


Genevieve Jetté

A childhood educator by profession, columnist, handyman, lover of family life and passionate about children's literature, Geneviève is the mother of three boys. His main challenge: chasing away the routine with great creativity blows to make the daily routine more pleasant. Geneviève has been writing for several years for various media dealing with family life. Why family and motherhood? Because it is such an exciting and complex environment, which should be, after all, so simple! You can find her on her blog La Récréation or visit her at her store L’Espace La Récréation, in Lanaudière.

*This book is in french

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