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3 games in 1 to observe, memorize, and associate the funny elephants...but be careful not to fall on the lions!

Discover the game of Popipop resemblances by Moulin Roty!
This small illustrated box contains 2 dice, 15 pairs of elephant cards and 1 mistigri card that allow you to play 3 different games for 2 to 4 players.

The first game is a game of observation and speed, you have to roll the dice and find as many as possible the card with the elephant wearing the colours shown by the dice.

The second game is a memory game that stimulates your child's memory.

The third game is the mistigri, all the players have to form the pairs of cards but be careful whoever finishes the game with the mistigri card (representing a lion) has lost! From the age of 3, this educational game is ideal for fun with family or friends while developing your child's observation, speed and memory.

Its pocket size is perfect to take on trips or weekends with friends.

For 2-4 players.

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