Sarah and Bendrix

Stacking Toy - Natural Cat


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Sarah & Bendrix is a British brand that carefully designs traditional wooden toys. Founded in 2009, you won't find Sarah or Bendrix working for the company. The name Sarah & Bendrix comes from a book The End Of Affair by Graham Green. Their early products were mainly oriented towards weddings and birthdays and the name has remained for the last decade. They are the two main characters of the sad but beautiful love story.

The beautifully handcrafted wooden stacking toys are perfect for hours of fun with your child. The toys are made of perfectly polished natural wood, without paint or varnish and will make a wonderful family heirloom.

Each stackable toy has a removable head that allows each ring to be played with separately, the rings can be removed from the base and rearranged.

- Size: D5 x W5 x H11.5 cm
- Made of beech wood from sustainable sources, in accordance with EU standards, CE marked.

Designed in the UK
Made in the Czech Republic

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