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Sensory shapes


16 pieces in stock

Wooden sensory tray with 9 pieces
A variety of shape sorting pieces help introduce and refine shape recognition
A colourful design helps develop colour recognition and stimulates the imagination
The multi-sensory toy stimulates a variety of senses, arousing curiosity and skill
Develops fine motor skills through play
Made from sustainable rubberwood, it provides sustainable fun while caring for our planet.
Safe toy - Decorated with non-toxic paints and tested to the highest safety standards

A wooden sensory toy for many fun activities to stimulate young minds. The set encourages the recognition of colours and shapes to be sorted in the corresponding bin. In addition, each of the 9 blocks has a sensation: shake to hear a bell ring, look through the kaleidoscope, touch the soft cloth ... Discover them all with this multi-sensory toy. This toy encourages manual dexterity and eye-hand coordination. Natural: Made of solid wood, legally manufactured from sustainable legal wood. Safe: Water-based paints tested for children from 12 months.

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