Yoga game - YOGANG


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YOGANG is a yoga game for children and those who wish to stay :) Have fun in a gang doing flexibility, balance, strength and relaxation exercises in a playful context with our unique and endearing characters.

Inside the box you will find:
- A large red cloth dice;
- 30 cards representing 30 different yoga positions;
- An instruction booklet that explains the rules of the game.

The size of the game box is 5''x 5''x 5'' made of 70% recycled cardboard. The game dice is made of polyurethane foam and is covered with red cotton canvas. The cardboard of the playing cards and the paper of the instruction booklet are FSC certified.

You can also add the planting of a tree to your purchase to help leave a green future for future generations! This tree will be planted as part of Arbre-Évolution's Social Reforestation Program™. You will receive a card made of recycled Russian birch to thank you for your environmental gesture. We will also follow up with you by email to inform you of the project in which your tree was planted.

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