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Strawberry Wedding Cake

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A classic three-layer wedding cake with a strawberry pattern on the inside and outside. The lower and middle level sections are each made of 4 detachable pieces (with Velcro closures). Gold paint and a strawberry on top add the finishing touch.

The simulation game collection includes a selection of imaginative toys for toddlers to create their own scenarios. This line is designed to inspire fun and help toddlers reach developmental milestones in their early years.

- Suitable for ages 2 years +
- Width: 140 mm D: 140 mm H: 107 mm
- Scenario and role-playing toy encourages creative imagination, social and language development
- Can be played interactively, it develops skills in turn as well as social interaction
- 4 detachable parts per set - the possibility to add and remove parts of the product encourages counting
- Made from durable and long-lasting rubberwood, it provides lasting enjoyment while taking care of our planet
- Safe toy - Decorated with non-toxic paints and tested according to the highest safety standards

Le ToyVantoys are hand finished with care and finesse to provide environments in which children can identify and immerse themselves, keeping traditional play values. Wooden toys that help children develop through role-playing, toys that promote cognitive and social development.

Designed in France
Made in China

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