Decorated Unicorn Pegasus - Foal


The little unicorn colt is just learning to fly and is very daring. But he likes almost as much to be stroked and decorated by his elf friends. And they race together in the air. Fly with them!

In bayala there are many fairy creatures, but most of the time they are very wild and it is very rare to see them. The most beautiful of the animals are undoubtedly the flying horses and unicorns. Not far from the elven town of Soleyas lives a very special family in a clearing in the heart of the forest: a Pegasus, a unicorn mare and their young. The little winged unicorn is one of the most fascinating creatures in all bayala. She wears a twisted magic horn and wings like her father. The little one frolics around all day long and begins to learn to fly. He's much more of a daredevil than his Pegasus daddy would like. He tries some already very daring flight maneuvers. He also allows himself to be petted by the elves and wears their decorations with pride. Would you like to race with the elves and the little colt in the air?

No one knows yet what incredible magic lies in this little flying colt.

- Dimensions: 9 x 5.7 x 16 cm (W x D x H)
- Age Recommendation 3-12 years old

The company, founded in 1935, is today one of the leading toy manufacturers in Germany and an international leader among suppliers of play figures. Schleich products are currently sold in more than 50 countries and have won over children and their parents all over the world.

Schleich toys stimulate creativity and imagination from an early age and are among the most valuable gifts a child can receive. And the good thing is that with the right play concepts, creativity and imagination almost develop on their own.

Designed in Germany
Made in China

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