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Bathroom Classic Set

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Children can enjoy decorating their doll's house with the Classic furniture set while developing their imagination and creating more interest time.

- Dimensions: 6x14x3 cm
- Includes: Bath, shower, toilet, washbasin, and a toilet.

Founded in 1981, Plantoys is the first company in the world to manufacture toys from reclaimed rubberwood. They have never cut down a single tree for production. They added value to rubber trees that no longer produce latex, normally intended to be burned, by using them to make children's toys.

For PlanToys, sustainability and child development are the main priorities. By focusing on child safety and age milestones in design and production, wooden toys improve physical and cognitive development.

With a strong mission to create a sustainable world, PlanToys intentionally considers every step of production to minimize environmental impact. This mission is implemented through the three pillars of PlanToys' activity, also called the "sustainable way". This includes sustainable materials, sustainable manufacturing and sustainable thinking.

Designed in the United States
Made in Thailand

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