Le Toy Van

Set of construction trucks


A set of 5 construction vehicles with working parts - lifting crane, scoop, roller compactor, excavator and dump truck and two traffic cones. All vehicles have functional parts, including an extendable crane and an articulated arm for excavator.

This set is perfectly suited to Le Toy Van's garage and vehicle ranges (sold separately). Ideal for use with the Le Toy Van TV449 wooden crane.

Scenario and role-playing encourages creative imagination, social and language development
Can be played interactively, it develops skills and social interaction
Made from sustainable rubberwood, it provides sustainable fun while caring for our planet
Safe toy - Decorated with non-toxic paints and tested to the highest safety standards

This set is perfectly adapted to the garage and vehicle ranges of Le Toy Van (sold separately). Ideal with the Le Toy Van TV449 wooden crane.

Suitable for ages - 3 years and up.

8,5 x 3,5 x 5cm

Ideal for encouraging imagination, they promote simulation games that allow children to be creative and improve their physical skills and learn while having fun.

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