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Cutters - Mermaid


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This set of 3 cookie cutters includes a mermaid, a starfish and a shell. Approximately 4 inches in size, these steel dies can be used for cooking or playing. They are perfect for the little mermaid fans in your life!

- Includes 3 cookie cutters
- Made of steel
- About 4 inches in size

Natalie, a former teacher, knew she had created something magical when her students started asking her daily for her play dough .

She discovered that through the use of distinct and nostalgic fragrances, she had transformed her classroom into an aromatic enclave. She experimented with various scents, powers and burst of colour, as well as the essential element of texture. Combined together, the ultimate experience of sensory play was born. And in this experience, her students found a place of calm ...

Made and designed in Canada (Toronto)

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