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Birthstone Bottle Gems Necklace - May

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Birthstones have an interesting meaning and children will be proud of them. Each month's necklace includes a bottle with gems from her birthstone and a glittering charm.

The January birthstone is garnet, which represents protection
The February birthstone is amethyst, which represents wisdom
The March birthstone is aquamarine, which represents serenity
The April birthstone is diamond, which represents strength
The May birthstone is emerald, which represents hope
The June birthstone is pearl, which represents love
The July birthstone is ruby, which represents passion
The August birthstone is peridot, which represents beauty
The September birthstone is sapphire, which represents truth
The October birthstone is tourmaline, which represents healing
The November birthstone is citrine, which represents joy
The December birthstone is tanzanite, which represents friendship

- Carabiner clasp.
- 16" chain with 1" extension.
- Tested quality, hypoallergenic, nickel and lead free.

For ages 5 years and up

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