Le Toy Van

Royal Express Train Set


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The Royal Express The Toy Van is a unique wooden train set of 180 pieces including 2 trains connectable with a vast collection of rubberwood tracks and accessories. The only plastic parts are the wheels of both trains. The accessories include 2 trains (passengers and goods), a Ferris wheel, 2 bridges, a car, a truck, a station, a crane, boats, a variety of buildings, shops, houses and 3D exterior elements.
  • 180-piece wooden train set comprising 2 trains, rails and accessories
  • Children will be inspired to create their own stories and scenarios with this complete set.
  • The set includes very detailed illustrations, finished with gold paint embellishments.
  • Ethically manufactured from sustainable materials
  • Designed with safe edges for children
  • Tested according to the strictest safety regulations
  • Decorated with non-toxic and safe paints
  • Suitable from the age of 3 years and up.

Designed in the United Kingdom
Made in Indonesia

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