Atelier Cheval de bois

Wooden Truck - Blue


Atelier Cheval de Bois is a small toy factory that makes hand-made toys, one by one, in a workshop located in the Eastern Townships. Their first mission is to allow children to have fun with attractive, healthy, durable, unique toys and thus make toys that encourage the imagination of young and old, which, from one generation to the next, become family treasures.

Sturdy and rounded in shape, these toys for toddlers are designed to allow play that leaves room for the most creative ideas. Virtually indestructible, these vehicles will allow you to reach a wonderful world ...

This block truck is perfect for playing in the house or outside.
It carries three small blocks that can be easily removed for more fun.
The truck is made of pine, the wheels and blocks are made of maple.
The little driver is made of maple and his hat is made of suede.

Dyed with a non-toxic stain and protected with natural oil.

****The color of the suede hat can be different than the picture, the choice of the hat is random and goes according to the inventory we have, thank you very much****

Length: 21.5 cm
Width: 8 cm
Height: 12 cm

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