Pink Clémentine

Felt Cactus - Two Mustard Flowers


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Adorable little felt cactus that will add colour to your decoration!

Small friendly cactus loves to be at the center of a festive table, on the edge of a sunny window or surrounded by friends in a library! Very easy going, he does not require any special care except to be told that he is too cute.

- Made from soft wool-blend felt in a mini terracotta pot.
- Terracotta pot measures: approximately 2.5 inches in diameter and 2.5 inches in height
- Cactus + pot measurement: between 5 and 7 inches in total height depending on the model.


This decorative item is made and assembled with great care by hand, but due to its small parts and delicacy, it must be handled with love and care! In addition, it is not recommended to leave this decorative object in the small hands of a young child. (and even less of her pretty little mouth!)

A little companion that does not require water and that will delight a little one (and adults too!) Original design created and designed by PINK Clémentine
Made in Québec

Thank you for supporting local designers!

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