Bar Shampoo 120g - Grapefruit


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A bar of happiness for smooth hair.

A delicate grapefruit fragrance will charm your nostrils.

A shampoo bar is one less plastic bottle!

Shampoo bars are among the easy-to-adopt alternatives that can significantly reduce the catastrophic consumption of plastic.
They are also easy to use. No more children having to empty half the bottle in one use! Imagine, using shampoo bars could save 552 million discarded plastic bottles each year and YOU could be part of this pro-environment movement for a healthy planet.

Also, they follow you everywhere!
At the gym, in your hand luggage on a trip, it's up to you.

This shampoo bar is suitable for many hair types. Perfect for parents who want to go away with one bar for the whole family.
Help reduce the amount of shampoo bottles thrown away each year by choosing the shampoo bar, without sacrificing your hair.
The bar produces a beautiful lather and hair is silky smooth and easy to brush. Plus, it's not greasy or heavy.

How to use: Wet the bar, rub on the scalp and rinse the hair.
Dry the bar between uses.

Weight: 120g
A family of 2 adults and 4 children tested a 125g bar, it was used for over 3 months.

Vegetable glycerin, Marshmallow powder, Silk, Silk protein, Cetyl alcohol, BTMS, Apricot oil, SLSA, SCI,

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