Decorative Banner - Zone retour au calme


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Special edition "Art québécois"

This poster was designed with the participation of the company "Les belles combines" which has at heart to help parents in the education of their child. The "Zone de retour au calme" poster will help to delimit the space reserved for the child in crisis so that he can regain his good mood.

- Size: 8" x 10" x .25"
- Goes with the Calm Back to the Good Deals Kit

*A percentage of the sales is given to the artist. ** The reproduction has been made with the artist's consent.

Stéphanie Morin is the creator behind Abricotine. Mother of two wonderful children, it was just a few weeks before the birth of her first child that the company took on its full meaning, leaving the "lifestyle" blog section to make way for a decorative objects boutique.

The mission was to offer people unique and creative ideas to decorate their baby's room with items that were not available in the supermarket. The first piece was an origami mobile created exclusively for his son's room but which was soon repeated in order to sell the material already purchased. Thus a first collection was born and gave the inspiration for the branding of the brand.

Made and designed in Quebec

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