Wall decal - Elise Gravel - Fox


This beautiful wall sticker featuringElise Gravel 's characters will add the finishing touch to your decor! Whether it's for a toddler's room, the playroom or even daycare, this decor will accompany the child during his or her games.

Antonio is a giant with a big heart: 225 kilos of muscles and just as much kindness.
One day, he came to Canada by boat and since then, he pulls buses with his hair, fights Japanese champions and communicates with aliens. He's only waiting for one thing: to find friends.

Dimensions, assembled as shown:
35 x 61 in. | 89 cm x 154 cm

For an optimal result, we suggest you apply on a white wall.

The sticker was made in Quebec by ADzif, a Quebec company.

Élise Gravel was born in Montreal in 1977 and started drawing at a very young age. She is a very talented illustrator, but without the big ego. This sparkling Montreal illustrator shares drawings from her books with ADzif, to create fun and colourful designs.

Thank you for choosing Watch out for yourself!

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