Bella Tunno

Silicone Wood Plate

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Bella Tunno began as a passionate project in 2005 when founder Michelle Tunno sought to launch a charity fund in the hope of helping vulnerable children. She was pregnant with her first baby and began sewing bibs and tea towels from home. From the very first sale, donations were made to children in need. For every product sold, a child's meal is provided to help make a difference.

This silicone marble vacuum pan is divided into 3 sections for well-balanced meals, promotes good eating habits and appropriate portions. The plate has a pacifier on the back that sticks to any table or high chair tray to keep meals in place.

The silicone marble treatment is subject to colour variations. Similar to natural stone, this is what makes this collection so beautiful and unique.

- Approved by a team of experts to make dining fun and functional
- Surface vacuums to prevent spills
- Fits most high chair tops
- Size: 8" diameter
- Recommended age: 6 months +.

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